The Nurse Care Challenge is organized by Sozolab and sponsored by Carecom. The Challenge will be hosted in IEEE Data Port. All participants agree to the following rules.


Participants should register via IEEE Data Port.


Challenge is open to students, graduate students, researchers, professors, and data scientists. Employees of Carecom (“Sponsor”), and members or Sozolab (“Organizers”) are not eligible to enter or win.


Participants should submit their results in a .csv file with two columns: segment_id and activity_id and one line for each segment in the test data. The test data contains 116 segments.

Workshop Papers

All participants are encouraged to submit a paper to the HASCA Workshop 2019 detailing their proposal.

Only participants who submit a paper will be considered for the final ranking.

One account per participant

You cannot sign up to IEEE DataPort from multiple accounts and therefore you cannot submit from multiple accounts.

Data use

All participants may use the data free of charge under CC license.

Team Limits

The maximum size of a team is 10 participants.

Submission Limits

You may submit up to 2 submissions for judging.

Competition Timeline

Start Date: 26/5/2019 5:00 PM UTC End Date: 30/6/2019 11:59 PM UTC